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Aboleo - ultrasound treatement

Who does not know? spite of numerous diets and intensive sports activities, it's simply impossible to get rid of the extra fat that builds up on some areas of our body. This usually affects the stomach, hips and thighs. The solution is called aboleo, a technologically advanced ultrasound device, a body contouring process that permanently reduces subcutaneous fat cells.

Aboleo works with high and low ultrasound frequencies. Strong vibrations are produced by the electro-magnetic alternating field that is generated. These vibrations cause the fat cells in deeper layers to move against each other, heat up, become perforated and empty their fat into the interstitial space. This process is termed cavitation. Neighbouring structures such as skin, blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue remain completely unaffected. Fat is broken down one or two days later and eliminated from the body via the lymph system, the liver, the intestines and the kidneys.

Aboleo is a completely pain-free and risk-free alternative to liposuction operations. Fat cells are broken down evenly without any scarring or lumpy dimpling of the skin.

This special ultrasound method generates electro-magnetic oscillations which in turn cause strong vibrations. These vibrations heat up the fat cells and perforate them. They then empty themselves and are later discharged via the intestines and kidneys and in this way completely broken down.

You can carry on with your normal daily routine right after the treatment (40 minutes). Treatments can be repeated at intervals of five days.

Number of treatments required

The treatments are completely pain-free and have no side effects. The number of treatments depends on the desired result and the size of a client's problem area. However, a visible result already becomes apparent after the first application. Smaller problem zones are usually completely eliminated after 3-4 sessions. Even clients with larger problem areas normally achieve the desired result after 5-6 sessions.

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