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The term "thread lift" describes a modern facial treatment method of skin tightening. This is a noninvasive procedure that requires no surgery. With the help of a microneedle, special threads are inserted into the fatty tissue of the hypodermis to lift and finally tighten the weak tissue. The treatment usually takes only a few minutes and achieves a visible lift effect.

What are the results ?

Immediate visible results: The method first convinces by an immediately occurring effect. At the threads to be used are usually small cones. Both components are polylactic acid and absorbable, which means they disperse after twelve months on their own.

After the threads have been introduced, the doctor can model the facial area later on because of the bidirectionally arranged cones. The fabric contracts and acts directly discreetly upholstered.

Sustainable effect: In addition to immediate tightening, the treatment also has a regenerative effect. Due to the gradual dissolution of the filaments, the polylactic acid is constantly released into the skin tissue. As a result, the production of natural collagen is stimulated, thus continually tightening the facial area.

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Thread-Lift with Venus V-Line

2, rue Charles SCHWALL, L-8093 BERTRANGE

Tel: 26310121 (7h-12h)

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