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What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy involves various intradermal or subcutaneous injections of a cumulation of compounds in diminutive doses utilizing fine gauge needles to treat local and cosmetic conditions.

The intended mechanism of action of mesotherapy is that solutions that are injected intracutaneously remain in the area longer than they would if distributed via deeper injection; as they are cleared more gradually by the general circulation.This study includes all the material and techniques used during the therapy.


Mesotherapy is used for several cosmetic conditions such as aging skin and body contouring. It is also used in management of hair loss. Study also includes the lipolytic potential of solution used in the practice of cosmetic mesotherapy to stimulate lipolysis causing local fat reduction. This technique is useful when other therapies for above mentioned condition are ineffective. Mesotherapy require less time for treatment hence it is preferred over therapies. It is primarily used for the cosmetical purpose but it has found its way in the pharmacological field as well.

2, rue Charles SCHWALL, L-8093 BERTRANGE

Tel: 26310121 (7h-12h)

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