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What is it ?

Plexr is a technological revolution in cosmetic and dermatological treatments. An innovative instrument which can be used to carry out non-ablative, non-invasive medical procedures, without surgery.

A non-invasive method that does not damage tissue

Plexr creates a plasma arc to sublimate the tissue treated, with no skin contact and no heat transfer. The Plexr treatment targets superficial tissue.

The technique can be summarised in 3 steps

  • A difference in potential is created between the tip of the instrument and the tissue to be treated;

  • An arc appears and generates a plasma: the air is ionised;

  • A large quantity of heat is released by the Joule effect and is limited to the tip of the instrument.

The result is the sublimation of the superficial epithelial cells.

2, rue Charles SCHWALL, L-8093 BERTRANGE

Tel: 26310121 (7h-12h)

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